Sustainability mission

Our dedication to sustainability is another way we hope to live out our mission statement! We want to serve our local community and reduce our footprint on the environment by collaborating with non profits and individuals to help create a culture of activism for the planet! 

- We give a cup discount for people who bring in their own mugs/thermos! 

-$1.33 for drip coffee if you bring in your own thermos! 

- If you're not on the go and want to stay with us for a bit, we have a "for here" option as well!  

-There are signs up for proper recycling and disposal of landfill material. 

-Holler is even testing out some stainless steel straws thanks to a customer's suggestion! 

-We took out that 409 stuff and replaced it with an all natural cleanser made of clove, cinnamon, lemon, and other nontoxic ingredients! 

-We send our coffee grounds compost to Seedleaf 

-We purchase from Chocolate companies like French Broad, which produces chocolate sustainably.

- Feature coffee from farms that are growing coffee beans with earth conscious practices 

- Bike racks 

- And we're still working on more ways to be the most sustainable we can be!