Selena Quintanilla – Coffee Bar Supervisor


Selena was born in California but grew up in Bowling Green Kentucky. Her family is mainly from Guatemala and she can talk to you all day about her love for Guatemala. She studied International Affairs and Religion at Transylvania University. She loves to travel, loves elephants, watching soccer, and going outside to run, or hike, or play!


Best memory in your time at the shop?

So many but I’ll go with this one: We had a Galentine’s at Chocolate Holler where all the ladies who work at Cup and Holler (+ Joey) exchanged secret galentine’s and I got to give Allison a box full of notes from customers, baristas, and friends. We ate yummy treats, laughed a lot, and ended the night to Whitney Houston’s “Dance with Somebody.”

Most memorable moment at the shop?

When Evan said “Bye!” left me in my time of need and instead of helping me took an embarrassing picture to send it to other coworkers. I’ll get you back Evan Drysdale.

What’s my favorite thing about the coffee fam?

Here it is in a haiku:

                                                      Unique is one word

                                          Funny and weird too ya know?

                                                       So many reasons


Your Chipotle order:

This is for my sister who recently brought me a chipotle burrito, with pinto beans, brown rice, CHICKEN and pico. @Kimberly I’m still a vegetarian and I LIKE the burrito BOWLS with black beans, white rice, sofritas, lettuce, hot salsa, sour cream, corn, cheese, and guac. Love you, sis.

Pet peeve:

When Salvador whispers while I’m working. WHY?!?

Meanest thing your siblings did to you growing up:

I feel bad for my siblings because I think I was the mean one… I put gum in my sister’s hair one time, and actually gave one of my brothers a wedgie. I’m a nicer sister now…

Favorite movie quote? “‘And for the lady? Perhaps a salad.’ ‘Perhaps not.’” *snap* —White Chicks