Max Wilder- Barista


Max is a Louisville native who is currently in his senior year at the University of Kentucky! He’s getting his degree in Business Communications with a minor in Media Arts!  He loves being a part of CSF at UK, as well as being on DanceBlue committee.




Three of you favorite movies?:

Interstellar is the only movie that really counts.  Just ask Evan Drysdale, he loves it! But also Les Miserables and Mad Max Fury Road (two opposite ends of the spectrum lol)

What is your spirit animal?:

Sometimes I wish I was a golden retriever (even though pugs are my favorite dogs)

Best place I’ve stopped for coffee?:

Sightlglass in San Francisco!

Light or Dark Roast?:

Light roast all the wayyyyyyyyyyy (except for Sumatra.  I luv sumatra)

Who has the best laugh in the shop?:

Sal, Lee or Laura? It depends on my mood.  There is nothing like a good hearty Lee laugh to get your day started.  Not a big Sal fan though to be honest.  (jk love him)

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?: