Lee Birdwhistell – Coffee Bar Supervisor 


Lee is originally from the Burgoo Capital of the World (that’s Lawrenceburg – Hi Allen! – for you folks who aren’t quite as classy) and has been in Lexington for a bit over a year for grad school. She enjoys all things you might expect a 55-year old woman to enjoy: leisurely walks in the park, crossword puzzles, trivia, card games, reading, hiding her rogue gray hairs, and akeeping that early bed time. But also hiking! And traveling! And live music! And learning Spanish! And doing all of those things with people that she loves! (See, she can be exciting sometimes.)

Dogs or cats?:

I think I channel some real cat vibes, but have you seen my face when dogs walk in the shop? Next big life goal: adopt a puppet. 

Complete the sentence: “I’m not weird, but…”:

There is no but! I’m completely normal.

Three of your favorite movies?:

Stand by Me, Life is Beautiful (sob fest, anyone?), Manchester by the Sea

What’s your favorite thing about the coffee fam?:

One of my favorite things about the coffee fam is that they love each other and their community so well. They took me in as a feisty, cynical wanderer and loved so much life and laughter into me that I’ve been able to put down roots. They truly make me a better person.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned about coffee (or chocolate) since working here?:

Shade-grown coffees are sometimes called “Bird-Friendly” because the coffee plants are grown in the midst of a forest, preserving diversity and the natural habitat of plants… and birds.

Least favorite way to burn calories:

All ways. Particularly running. Once every six months or so, I’ll get angry enough to run. That’s how you know I’m truly irate.

Favorite New Girl quote?:

“Shut it down!” (with appropriate hand motions)