Laura Shrake – Marketing Assistant


Laura’s been a Lexingtonian for five years now, but will almost definitely ask you about Cincinnati if you mention it – much in the same way that Daniel does with Chattanooga (“I’m Daniel … I’m from Chattanooga”). She moved to Lex to go to the perpetually-under-construction University of Kentucky and has her degree in Journalism and Spanish. The short list of things Laura likes? Glad you asked: School supplies, gummy bears, proper grammar, sarcasm, great one-liners, movie quotes and well-placed insults and/or snarky quips. She’s basically a mix of a five-year-old and an actual twenty-something.

Meanest thing your siblings did to you growing up:

Scaring me for sport. Thus forcing me to check on all sides of my bed, in my closet, and in my bathroom to make sure neither of them are waiting there to scare me when we’re all at home. Are we actual adults? No one knows.

Complete the sentence – “I’m not weird, but …” :

Sometimes I speak almost exclusively in movie quotes. Also, I can turn my arms completely backwards.

What’s your favorite way to drink coffee:

two shots of espresso, a little bit of flava-flav, a bit of cream, on ice.

Favorite thing about the coffee fam:

It’s ability to make literally everything fun (even quarterly cleanings), and the incredible, eclectic group of people that make this place feel like home every single time you walk through the door.  But most of all - how much this coffee fam has become a part of my life and how much I love y’all.

Favorite quote from Cup’s quote wall:

Two-way tie between: “There’s open borders in nap land.” – Daniel … and “It’s like someone put a heavy blanket on my brain.” – Evan.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

All you got to do is call. (Serious answer: Fall).