Jim Braden- Barista


Hello coffee world! My name's Jim Braden and I'm from Louisville, KY (it does exist). Fortunately, I've been in Lex the past 8 years and about to graduate from UK! Allen Warford thinks I'm tall, and that's a pretty sweet compliment.




“I’m not weird, but …” :

I only play bass guitar when in an air band.

Bucket List:

Going to Iguazú Falls, watch a World Cup Finals live, and be in a movie.

Light or Dark roast?

HUUUUGE Light roast guy

Favorite shop memory:

Celebrating the shop's anniversary this past summer!

Favorite dad joke:

So this guy walks into a bar carrying a piece of concrete. Says to the bartender "I'll have one for me, and one for the road."

Treat yo-self day?

Warmed up cookie dough with ice cream is a must.