Jake Bryant- Barista


I am a junior at the University of Kentucky. Born and raised here in Lexington and I started working at Chocolate Holler in February 2017. I am very passionate about three things;

The Red Sox, Music, and that the dress from 2015 is blue and black (#neverforget).

Three of your favorite TV shows?:

GOT, Friends, and Rick and Morty

Dogs or cats?:

Dogs 100%. My family has this border collie puppy named Raylan and he is the cutest dog in the world. Dogs are way more fun and playful while cats are jerks.

Best PIF you've ever witnessed?:

There was a pay it forward for someone to write a one-page paper about a dragon, pencil, and soccer ball. He never stopped writing until after 4 PAGES! And the story was actually not bad... It’s still on the fridge at holler.

Favorite thing about the coffee fam?:

My fav thing about the coffee fam is how funny everyone is. We have so many different types of humor within our staff. There’s almost a guarantee that I’m laughing when surrounded by any of these people.

What the heck is an “Ubby” ?:

Great question... it’s a nickname that started with Alex and spread like a wildfire throughout our staff and even to some of our customers. If you can't remember Jake, feel free to call me ubby.

Fav dad joke:

We did a bad joke video between Cup and Holler staff members and I went up against Lee. We had a couple of good jokes but neither of us really laughed until this one....

"Why do cows have hooves instead of feet?" – Because they Lactose lolololol.