Emma Crawford- Barista/Baker


When Emma was just three months old, she packed her bags and left all that she had known in Tennessee for the city of angels, more formally known as Lexington, Kentucky. She is currently finishing her degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism at the University of Kentucky. Emma loves to bake, thrift, repurpose furniture, laugh and make others laugh.



Complete the sentence: “I’m not weird, but…”:

I have an irrational fear of my bones breaking in half. Not from physical activity or an accident, but just a random occurrence while I’m sitting down, casually walking, sleeping, etc.  

Pet peeve:

Honestly my pet peeve is the idea of pet peeves. Much like time, pet peeves are a social construct and the only power they have over you is the power you give them.

What’s your favorite thing about the coffee fam?

I’m surrounded by people who are constantly seeking to grow to be a better worker, friend, and person. It’s inspiring and challenging.  I’ve learned so much beyond coffee and chocolate just by being with these nuts all the time. Also everyone is really funny.

Think back on your road trips:

What’s the best place you’ve stopped for coffee along the way: I drank coffee and ate donuts 14,000 feet up on Pikes Peak in Colorado, which is the highest I’ve ever been while drinking coffee. Also I spent two months in Zanzibar, Tanzania and I drank a lot of locally sourced coffee which was pretty cool.

What’s your favorite thing to eat on a “treat yo self” day: I don’t traditionally celebrate “treat yo self” day, but for about five years I’ve been regularly going to Sam’s Club with friends to eat soft pretzels. Pretzel days are some of my favorite days. If you’ve never had one of Sam’s Club delicious soft pretzels, it’s $1.05 after tax and doesn’t require a membership card – so go get a pretz and be sure to give me your full review.

Favorite dad joke: Why do chicken coops only have two doors? Because if they had four doors they would be called a chicken sedan. Or any well-executed pun in natural conversation