We aim to serve the best quality coffee, so we teamed up with Water Street Coffee Joint, a micro-roaster from Kalamazoo, Michigan to supply us with a variety of single-origins and blends the coffee aficionados can fall in love with. We also have our own roaster here in Lexington, KY called Magic Beans Coffee Rosters- roasting our very own single-origin beans and creating blends in-house. So we roast half Water Street and half Magic Beans- and always have them both in rotation daily. We also carry retail coffee from a variety of different roasters from around the nation, and we offer those on V60, Chemex, French Press, and Aeropress as well!

We pay careful attention to all of our products brought in and simply won’t settle for anything less than great value – the awesome union of quality and price!

At the end of the day, we’re about our pillars, but we love coffee too! Its history is one to be revered. There is a complexity to growing, roasting, drink-making, and everything in between. Coffee is a part of us and we’ll take the time to train our baristas so we can have our own personal coffee mindshare inside A Cup of Common Wealth’s four walls. 


Water Street is a Fair Trade Certified and a Certified Organic Coffee Roaster. Their intent is to provide quality coffee while acting responsibly with regard for others and our environment. Everything is done in small batches to ensure quality and freshness, and we whole-heartedly support and embrace their commitment to quality.


Our roasting facility, which we have dubbed the “Roasting Studio,” is located inside the Bread Box building on Sixth and Jefferson streets in Lexington, Ky. This tiny, 324-square-foot space provides just enough room to house our Sivetz quarter-bag coffee roaster, our coffee-packaging setup, and several thousand pounds of coffee. Our mission is to bring single-origin coffees of exceptional value to Lexington, to roast them in small batches, and to deliver them to consumers immediately after roasting for optimal freshness.