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Meet Joe and Basil!

*Photo by Bradley Quinn Photography

*Photo by Bradley Quinn Photography

The Man of Many Names!

Joe is originally from Danville, Kentucky, but has called Lexington home for the past 1,460 days – give or take 50 days. Already with a background (and love) in wine & beer, plus blessed with a preternatural palate, Joe quickly found a passion for all things coffee.  


Joe loves making pour overs, while chatting about music, beer, and the happenings around the city. He also holds the distinction of:  "Barista with the Most Nicknames"  – Joebro, Rathbone, Joseph Joe, and SoProJoeBro, just to name a few.  And…you’ll find few others in the city with such a vast trivia knowledge.


He has been a part of the shop since the very first month and has been the Lead Barista since February.  Sometimes, you can find him practicing his ninja moves in the kitchen and his Mortal Kombat training behind the bar. 



The Herb!

One summer afternoon in July, Basil wandered into the shop looking for a cappuccino… and she hasn’t left since. 


Originally from Northeast Tennessee, her first job involved tedious work in a laboratory with a strict “no talking” rule.  Not surprisingly, Basil didn’t last long, and quickly found a niche in naming the days of the week, practicing her killer rap skills for anyone that will listen, and occasionally serving them coffee. 


Her superpower: talking to animals. 

Her weakness: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s face. 


In Basil’s short career at the shop, she has had a meteoric rise from barista, to Lead Barista, to Coffee Bar Supervisor.  She hopes to continue this trend and become Barista Empress of the Galaxy within the next two years.



The Dynamic Duo!

You can catch these two crazy cats in the shop mixing it up with our coffee friends, training our staff to make some tasty drinks, tidying up the shop whenever they get the chance, keeping some ridiculous owners in line, and sometimes…they’re even out and about the town representing A Cup of Common Wealth at various events throughout Lexington.  


When you see them, give them a high-five while you talk cats, music, beverages, food, and science – you won’t regret it!