Community. Community. Community.

There isn’t much that compares to our first day.  We opened up shop and we hoped, and we dreamed, and we crossed fingers willing for an idea to become a full-fledged reality. 


It didn’t matter that the majority of the sales that day were from our family and friends, it didn’t matter that there were more chairs than people in the shop that day, and it didn’t even matter that we were on our feet all day.  What mattered was the doors were open and life as we knew it had changed. 


We never imagined that sense of happiness to be experienced again, but then all of you happened.  You see, we knew we were going to open up a coffee shop, but we also knew that the coffee shop was merely the vessel.  What we wanted to do was actually even more simplistic, but would be much more difficult.  We wanted to:

Embrace community.

Serve others.

Create culture.


So simple -- but simple isn’t easy.  Still, this was the goal.  We have both been taught that the coffee industry is great; because, at its very core, it is all about community and people.  It’s what drew both of us to this industry, to the business. 


In our heart of hearts we knew this defined success for us - living up to that mission every day.  Hoping that we would do our part, spread our love and passion, like so many have bestowed upon us over the years.  And as of today, we feel as strong as ever about our mission.


On Sunday night, a sad thing happened, but on Monday something much more powerful occurred.  This past Monday, December 9th, we were given an early Christmas gift.  Our opening day was rivaled, if not matched.


From the moment we opened the shop that morning, all of you reminded us that our mission is everyone’s mission.  We were humbled, teary-eyed, and a newfound passion came over us.  From cash to art pieces, from food to doggie banks, from a window fund to jokes about a window fund, from high fives to hugs, and from smiles to laughs we watched our community, our family, love on us.  You all have changed us for the better.


On July 1st we opened a shop with big stars in our eyes.  On December 9th you opened up your arms with more love than we ever expected.  We’re so proud to be a part of this community.  We’ve never seen so much sense of community in any one city and we’re honored to have been allowed to be a small piece of this amazing place.


We’re so excited to see what the rest of this month brings.  

And, we’re looking forward to the future of the Community Tree!  

Feel free to bring in gifts and place them under the tree and invite anyone you know who needs a gift, a high-five, a pay-it-forward, or a hug to come on in and check out our tiny Community Tree full of a lot of heart.



Salvador & Chris