Happy Three Months (and a day)!

Three months ago we set out to embrace community, serve others, and create culture.  As each day passed more and more incredible people walked through the bright blue door hearing our mission for the first time, sleepless nights turned into dream-filled experiences as a staff was formed, and flecked espresso poured out of our favorite (and very shiny) machine.

We expected to have a good time, serve quality coffee, and live out a dream.  And, we knew we had to remain steadfast to our mission.  It became a catalyst for high-fives, memorizing names, Night Markets, Pour Over Brunches, Pop-up music events, Tap Takeovers, singing for people on their birthdays, and developing a destination location that Lexington could be proud of each and every day.

We expected a journey.  We expected a story to share.  We expected a chance to teach.  We expected an opportunity to learn.  We expected to have fun.

We didn't expect the community embracing us the way that they have done.
By pure chance, writers have shared their experiences of the shop with others through their own words.  Their own experiences.
Unexpectedly and extremely appreciated, local businesses have supported us and told their friends, their family, and their customers to give us a shot.
Movers and shakers of Lexington have been shoulders to stand on.  They've carried us through the city letting everyone know we have arrived and made sure they invited us and afforded us opportunities we didn't know existed.
Those of the Lexington coffee community stopped in and not only wished us luck, they came back and did it again, and again.  They reminded us that friendly competition is how the coffee industry does competition.
Churches have pointed out our mission is their mission.  They reminded us that our values are our conscience.  Our values drive us.
People came in and let us know that it was their first time.  They wanted to be customers, to be a part of our culture.  They went from strangers, to customers, to friends via coffee, hand slaps, and maybe a pay-it-forward drink or two.

As we look back at these last three months, we're humbled.  We're humbled by the journey so far, but also by the ostensible fact that the community wants us to embrace, serve, and create.  A community that wants to help mold this little dream into a reality.

Every moment of the shop’s existence, we're thankful for our journey and the people helping us create experiences along the way.


Salvador and Chris