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CoffeeCON 2013!

What happens when you put a coffee event, the Chicago area, and a good friend all in one place?!

CoffeeCON 2013!!! 

This weekend we’re registering for the event.  Then, come May 4th we’re heading to one of our favorite areas of the country (it will be our one day off).  Our good friend, Christy Thorns, is one of the presenters and we highly recommend checking it out if you can.   We’ve been lucky enough to see her present a few times over the past year.  She’ll be discussing Coffee Sustainability, something near and dear to our hearts.  There are few people, if any, that we respect more in the coffee industry.

Icing on the cake – Coffee will be plentiful, some of our coffee community friends will surely be roaming the area, and everyone will have “state of coffee” on the mind.

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