Blog Revival: A Year in Review

All of this to say, this year has been crazy and amazing. Joyful and saddening. Wonderful and hilarious. And we couldn’t have done any of it without you.

So as we revive the blog, know that it will be filled with stories of people. We’re pledging here and now to share with you the faces of the shops and tell you all about how awesome they are. We’ll share the glorious highs and inevitable lows, the cool things we did and the amazing things y’all did.

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Happy New Year's!!!!

Our shop has been through a whirlwind in 2016. This time last year the shop, the staff, the plans were nothing like they are today. Some things are not the way we would have chosen or planned them, yet some other things are better than our wildest imaginations could have led us to dream. So as I sit here, thinking back on a year that’s made me cry from both extremes of sorrow and happiness so frequently, I wanted to highlight 5 moments or growing periods for us in 2016.

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Zachariah: Looking Back

I remember two years ago in March walking from the University of Kentucky to this place called A Cup of Common Wealth. I hadn't really heard much about the shop before, but I knew that I could get a free drink and that's the only incentive a college student needs. So I walk half a mile to a small building on a small street with some weirdos inside it: some quiet guy named Joe and an excited girl named Basil. 

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