Anna Rennie- Barista


Anna has lived in Lexington almost 2 years and grew up in the city of Louisville. She came to Lexington to attend the University of Kentucky to study a myriad of things and is currently pursuing a degree in Integrated Strategic Communication. Anna loves laughter more than most things, so if you have a peculiar sense of humor and enjoy odd jokes - you’ll probably be the best of friends!!!

Favorite thing about the coffee fam:

I’ve never encountered this many different personalities that work so well together. We all bring something unique to this continuously growing family and challenge one another to excellence and kindness. I have learned how to love others better and also embrace the love I feel from this community.  Also, the sarcastic comments are unrivaled.

Top 3 bucket list items:

1.) Summit Kilimanjaro

2.) Own 27 dogs (all at once)

3.) Have long hair

Favorite way to drink coffee:

30% of my body is cold brew

Meanest thing your siblings did to you growing up:

My younger sister is a sweet angel who never did anything awful to me, but I was mean enough for both of us. I once kicked out her front tooth.

What is your spirit animal:

I’ve been told I take after a sloth, but less graceful. Maybe a super clumsy baby sloth.

Least favorite way to burn calories:

Listening to Max tell a story.