Allen Warford - Marketing Director / Co-Owner


Allen grew up on a tobacco farm in Lawrenceburg, KY, so it only makes sense that he ended up growing a passion for design. He got a Bachelors of the Arts in Architecture from UK, and decided to dabble in Communications and Graphic Design while he was in the neighborhood. He loves three things more than life itself: pugs, bacon, and coffee. He used to played sports balls at one point in time (basketball) and fun fact, is actually missing a tooth on his bottom row (but he is from Lawrenceburg so that's completely acceptable).

Most Awkward encounter in the past six months:

This is probably within the last year, but one time I made a leather journal for a friend of mine and went to toss it in her car window at a red light. I missed her open window and then hit the car in front of me. Top 5 most awkward moments for sure.

Best PIF you’ve ever witnessed?

Someone jumped in the fountain outside one time, that was pretty great.

Favorite way to drink coffee:

From a Mr. Coffee pot, sitting with my Dad (preferably drinking Maxwell House or Folger's).

Least favorite way to burn calories:

Lifting legs. Just why?

Favorite dad joke:

A man walks into a bar and says, "May I have a drink? Thank you!"

What’s your favorite thing about the coffee fam?

That it truly feels like a family. You get to celebrate all the good together, you get to embrace all the bad together, and everyone accepts your level of weird and crazy. I love everything about the shop.