Alex Canada – Director of Operations


Alex was born and raised about an hour southwest of Cleveland, Ohio. Although she has considered Kentucky home for over 8 years now, she still has a deep love for Cedar Point and Cleveland Indians baseball. After graduating from Asbury University with a degree in Media Communication, Alex married the studliest of men, Andrew Canada, who is now a Lexington Firefighter. She’s loves road tripping, growing her urban garden on her balcony, participating in summertime and fall activities, the entire Christmas season, and Spalding’s donuts.

Meanest thing your siblings did to you growing up?

My two brothers and sister are all 8, 10, and 12 years older than I, and I always wanted them to play with me. One day, when I was 3, and per my request to play ANY game, they convinced me it would be fun to run back and forth across the living room without falling down, while they proceeded to throw pillows at me. Needless to say, I never succeeded at making it across the room.

Top Three Bucket List:

1.) Visit all 50 states

2.) Ride an elephant

3.) See the Cleveland Indians win the World Series #Windians

Best memory in your time at the shop.

There are honestly so many I couldn’t pick THE BEST, but one that’s near the top is the moment that we were announced as Small Business of the Year with the Lexington Chamber of Commerce, seeing Sal’s jaw drop, and being so incredibly proud as he gave the acceptance speech!

What’s your favorite thing about the coffee fam?

They’re truly my family. I’m closer to some than others, but some of those people know me better than some of my actual family do. I could hang out with any of them at any given time and truly enjoy it. There’s a lot of trust, there’s a lot of closeness. And it’s something I never realized was so important for my career.

Favorite quote from our quote wall:

Customer Amber Chandler - “Guys, I found my future husband. He loves Jesus and Guacamole.”  Alex: “I’m so Confused.” Daniel: “Uh…congrats? I don’t know.”

Most Awkward encounter in the past six months:

 I was leaving the bank and trying to go out of the revolving doors. I saw someone trying to come in, and my gut reaction was to hurry and push it open to allow for a space for them to get in quickly and easily. The thing was tho, they had already started entering, so when I pushed it, I actually got them stuck in the door.. People behind me were like, “ohhh. uhh…” and I looked up and the guy was like, “ummmm…” and I pulled the door back and said “Oh my gosh I am soo sorry, in my head that was going to be helpful but obviously not!” He was really nice about it. The guy behind me walked out laughing as I walked away sooo embarrassed.